“Pinkerton” mad genius joins us for another look into the mind of the teenage girl. Quite frankly, as the father of 6 and 3 year old girls, his writing both makes me laugh and terrifies me. Deeply.

I envision that my daughter will grow up to be a very successful lawyer (or a swindler).  Believe me, it’s not one of those parent-induced dreams where I’m hoping for my child’s greatness.

No, I actually think she’d be good at it.

This kid could argue her way out of a North Korean prison.  She makes sense in her arguments.  She usually has a point.  And every once in a while, she can navigate things in such a manner as to make me feel like a complete dipshit.  These are the instances where I usually end the argument in one of those traditional father responses that echo thru the eternities of fathers everywhere:

Because I said so!  Because I’m the boss!  Because I don’t wanna get arrested for child abuse.  Etc.

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