“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things.  Of Star Wars, comics,
music and sports, of our children and
Lord of the Rings.

Ok, I’m paraphrasing, but that’s essentially true. Welcome to the world of the Geek Papas. A site and a podcast aimed squarely at proud geek parents who have unbridled passion for their kids and want to share their lifelong love of all things Geeky with them.  We are movie buffs, comic collectors, cartoonists, musicians, artists, sports fans, and more. Justin Thompson (of the comic “Mythtickle”) and I (from the comics podcast Tall Tale Radio) have joined forces with the ever astonishingly talented Irma Eriksson (of the comic “Imy”) to create this site, where we hope to build a community of Geek Papas and Mamas who will join us in our passions.

We will be providing parenting talk, news items that relate to parenting in today’s world, gadget, music, movie, TV, and comic reviews and a new Geek Papas comic every week!  At the center of it all is the Geek Papa Podcast, where we’ll be interviewing people from all walks of life and careers, child experts, celebrities, and really, anyone we can get our hands on to join in the fun. Justin and I will talk about the issues that face us as parents; how old is old enough for certain movies or TV shows? How do you discipline your children? How do you encourage them to read, or draw, or make music? We’ll also talk about how excited we are that the “Captain America” movie is coming out, or our love of Star Trek.  (Hey, we ARE geeks.)

Most of all, we want YOU to participate! Comment on the threads! Tell us what you think about a movie we reviewed or a news item we posted. Who would you like to see on the podcast?

Follow us on our Facebook page where the comments will fly rampant and the community will grow.  Or on Twitter, where we’ll spread the word 140 characters at a time!  Or drop us an email anytime.  Tom is tom at geekpapas dot com, and Justin is (you guessed it) justin at geekpapas dot com.  If you have a technical issue or want to compliment us on our beautiful site, write Irma, irma at geekpapas dot com.  We’re looking into ways to get you all more interactively involved, so come back often!

So it begins!